Mainline Drip Emitter
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Mainline Drip Emitter


The Mainline Drip Emitter has an output of 1 gallon per hour. Use in conjunction with our 5/8″ Mainline Tubing, Spaghetti Tubing and Angle Dripper for watering containers and trees.


The Mainline Drip Emitter is used in conjunction with our Angle Dripper and Spaghetti Tubing to effectively water containers, fruit trees or any other individual planting. These emitters are pressure compensating, high-quality fittings that prevent refill and siphoning during and after use.

These fittings are very easy to install with our Dripper Plug Punch. Simply punch a hole in the 5/8" Mainline Tubing and insert the black end of the drip emitter into the mainline tubing. Then insert spaghetti tubing onto the green end of the drip emitter.

To determine how many emitters your water system can support at one time, first calculate your flow rate in gallons per minute by timing how long it takes to fill a 5 gallon bucket at your water source. Then multiple your gallons per minute calculation x60 to calculate the gallons per hour output from your water source.

If your the flow rate at your water source is not sufficient to support the number of emitters you need, simply install our Mainline Connector Valves and water a portion of the system at a time. You can split your watering system into as many divisions as you'd like to accomplish your watering needs.

Mainline Drip Emitter Features

  • Output = 1 gallon per hour
  • Compact size for easy installation
  • Superior clog resistance and durability
  • Many applications around the garden and homestead