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Mainline Connector Valve


Use the Mainline Connector Valve to connect two sections of 5/8″ mainline tubing, so that you can shut off one section downstream from the connector valve. Works great when you only want to water with one section of your drip irrigation system.


The Mainline Connector Valve allows you to connect two sections of our 5/8" mainline tubing, with the option of shutting off the flow from one section downstream from the valve. This fitting works great if you need to water sections of your garden separately, either due to flow limitations or fertilizer injecting.

In some instances, you may have more drip tape in your system than your water flow can support. The Mainline Connector Valve allows you to turn off certain sections so that you can water your vegetable garden in portions.

In addition, you may only want to use your Fertilizer Injector to fertilize certain portions of the garden and not others. With the Mainline Connector Valve, you can shut off the sections that you do not wish to fertilize. This is ideal when growing heavy-feeding crops such as corn that you may want to fertilize differently than other garden crops in your vegetable garden.

Mainline Connector Valve Installation

This connector valve contains easy-lock barbs and nuts for secure seals that are guaranteed not to leak. Simply slide the 5/8" mainline tubing onto the barb and tighten the nut onto the end of the fitting. The nuts contain ridges that provide a better grip during tightening. When the green switch is in line with the coupling, the flow is not limited. To turn the valve off, simply turn the green knob to limit the flow downstream of the valve.