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Lemon Basil Microgreens

Give your dishes an unexpected twist with Lemon Basil Microgreens! Their green leaves offer a citrusy lemon flavor. They are perfect for adding a vibrant zest to cocktails and desserts. Plus, they're an essential in many Asian dishes. Spice up your menu today! Ocimum basilicum citriodora

Lemon Basil Microgreens are a variety of sweet basil with a burst of citrus flavor. As the leaves mature, the lemon taste becomes more intense and the basil flavor fades. Enjoy the unique citrus notes as a flavor enhancer in a variety of meals for a nutritional boost and delicious flavor.

To grow Lemon Basil Microgreens, start by sowing the Seeds in the soil and covering them with a thin layer of soil. Microgreens can be germinated under our Hoss Light Kit or in sunlight. Finally, cut the microgreens close to the soil line, and enjoy your fresh and healthy microgreens!


Germination Time: 2-4 days

Estimated Harvest Time: 18-25 days

Nutrients: Vitamins A, & C, iron and magnesium.