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Left Plow


Use the Left Plow attachment to throw soil to the left when creating a furrow or hilling plants in the vegetable garden. Great for growing corn and potatoes! Works with Hoss Single and Double Wheel Hoes. USA MADE!


Our Left Plow attachment allows you to throw soil to the left when using our Single or Double Wheel Hoe Models. We do not recommend using it with our High Arch Wheel Hoe as the unit would be unbalanced. For the High Arch Wheel Hoe, the Plow Set (right and left) should be used. Use this individual plow to create a small planting furrow or to hill plants in the vegetable garden.

The Left Plow works great for creating a furrow for planting potatoes, elephant garlic or transplants that require deep planting. The plow blade may be attached anywhere along the wheel hoe toolbar. The blade will create a 3-4" furrow in the soil, perfect for planting tomato transplants, seed potatoes, garlic and more.

This individual plow blade can also be used for hilling or throwing soil to grow plants. Hilling will stabilize plants and strengthen root structures for healthier plants. It will also help to protect plants from falling in high wind situations. Use it to hill potato plants as they grow so that tubers aren't exposed to the sun. Also, use it to hill corn plants for weed suppression and wind protection.

Plow blades are designed to be used in established gardens where the soil has been worked or cultivated. It is not designed to be used for breaking ground or establishing new garden plots. To complete the plow set pair, purchase our Right Plow.

Left Plow Features:

  • Powder-coated steel blade
  • Creates a 3-4" furrow or hill
  • Use with the Hoss Single or Double Wheel Hoe