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Kuroda Carrot


Kuroda Carrot is an heirloom, chantenay-type carrot known for its exceptional sweetness and ability to be grown in hard or rocky soils. Short, stocky carrots with broad shoulders and little taper. Daucus carota subsp sativus. 85 days to maturity. 330,000 seeds per lb.

Treatment: Untreated


Be sure to check out our Carrot Growing Guide to learn more about how to successfully grow carrots at home.

Kuroda Carrot is an heirloom carrot variety that originated in Japan. This chantenay-type carrot is shorter, with broad shoulders and a less-pronounced taper from top to bottom. These short, stocky carrots are renowned for their flavor, texture, and sweetness.

Kuroda Carrots performs exceptionally well in warmer climates, where growing traditional varieties may be difficult. While they can be overwintered, they perform well when grown in spring as temperatures are warming. Because they are a chantenay-type, they also are great for hard clay or rocky soils.

Carrots grow best when planted during the cooler times of the year in early spring or fall. Carrots prefer a soil temperature around 75 degrees for optimal germination. They will perform best when direct-seeded and are not a good crop to transplant. Carrots require constant, adequate moisture throughout the germination process. If you are not able to water them frequently, you might consider using a tarp or covering on the soil to keep it moist until Seeds germinate.

We recommend seeding carrots in a thick band along the desired row. This will ensure a solid stand of carrots and help to aid in weed control once tops get larger. Carrots are a great crop for double-row planting on drip irrigation. For this strategy, plant two rows 6″ apart, skip about 3′, then plant another two rows 6″ apart. The double row technique allows for easy weed control because the tops shade the area between the double rows. It also allows you to maximize the garden space because you can get two rows of harvest for almost the same amount of space as one row.

Kuroda Carrot Planting Information

Planting Method: direct seed

When to Plant: early spring and fall

Planting Depth: 1/4″

Seed Spacing: 1/2″, thin to 1-2″

Row Spacing: 12″

Days to Maturity: 85

Disease Resistance: None

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James Hill
The best

If you are going to grow you have to start with good seeds that's why here at HillsHomestead we use seeds from Hoss

5 out of 5

Very Happy with the seeds