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Italian Oregano


Italian Oregano is a perennial herb that’s great in pasta and pizza dishes. Great when harvested fresh or allowed to dry for more intense flavor. Produces beautiful clusters of flowers that are attractive to pollinators. Origanum vulgare. 90 days to maturity.

250 seeds per packet


Italian Oregano is a perennial herb that is a staple in Greek and Italian cuisines. This oregano variety is milder and slightly sweeter than Greek oregano. It works great when used in marinara sauces, pizza, and pasta dishes. It can be used when harvested fresh or dried, although the flavor will be much more intense when dried. The bushy plants will produce loads of leaves that are broad and average 1.5" wide.

In addition to the tasty leaves, Italian Oregano produces beautiful clusters of lavender flowers. These flowers are very attractive to pollinators and makes it a great option as a border plant around the vegetable garden. The flowers will feed your native pollinator populations and attract new ones to increase your vegetable harvests for crops that require pollination.

We do recommend regularly pinching and removing the blooms as this will improve the growth of the vegetative foliage of this herb. It will also help the plant to become more full and healthy. Additionally, the taste of the leaves is improved when flowers are regularly removed.

As with most herb Seeds, Italian Oregano will perform best when transplanted. The transplants grow great in our 162 Cell Seed Starting Trays. Sprinkle the Seeds on top of the seed starting mix in each cell and lightly tamp them into the seed starting mix with your finger. Do not cover these Seeds as they require light to germinate.

Once Seeds germinate, thin to 1 seedling per cell if necessary. Transplants are ready to go in the ground when they have an established root ball and can easily be pulled from the seed starting tray cells by gently tugging on the stem of the seedling. Plant outdoors when the risk of frost has passed in early spring.

Italian Oregano Planting Information

Planting Method: transplant

When to Plant: after last frost

Planting Depth: lightly tamp into soil, don't cover

Seed Spacing: 12"

Row Spacing: 18″

Days to Maturity: 90

Disease Tolerance: None