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Hoss Stirrup Hoe


The Hoss Stirrup Hoe makes weeding a breeze. Great for light weeding close to plants or removing heavy, stubborn weeds. 6″ blade oscillates 20 degrees to cut in both directions. Powder-coated steel frame, spring steel blade, and 60″ ash handle.



The Hoss Stirrup Hoe makes it easy and effortless to remove weeds and cultivate along rows and between plants. This is simply the best stirrup or hula hoe you will find. This long-handle hoe is built to last a lifetime and will be used for many generations. The strength and functionality of this tool makes it extremely versatile for a wide range of garden applications. Use it as a precision-weeding tool for removing weeds that appear between plants along the row. The rounded blade allows you to work close to plants without damaging the stems or foliage. It also works great for heavier applications such as clearing large patches of heavily-weeded areas. Shuffle the hoe along the edge of the garden to prevent grass runners from creeping into the garden and becoming weeds.

The Hoss Stirrup Hoe is MADE IN THE USA with a powder-coated steel frame, spring steel blade and 60" ash handle. The 6" spring steel blade is super sharp and ready to eliminate any weed that might be in its path. The powder-coated frame is slotted so the blade can rotate 20 degrees in either direction -- forward or backward. This allows the user to weed and cultivate with the push and the pull motion of the tool. Because one can cut in both directions, it doesn't take long at all to zip through the garden and have it nice, clean and weed-free. The 60" ash handle makes it a great tool for users of all heights. All of our handles are waxed and free of any lacquer. 

*Replacement blades available here.

Hoss Stirrup Hoe Dimensions:

Blade width: 6"

Handle length: 60"

Overall length: 65.5"


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Cynthia Dias
Replacement parts a problem

I bought the stirrup hoe and broke the handle. Hoss does not sell replacement handles. Even worse, they will not give out contact information for their supplier. I was told their hoes come pre-assembled. I've tried to find a replacement on line and in box stores. What a shame. Now I've got a useless tool, or I can buy another one. For principle I will not. Nor will I buy any other Hoss products because don't/won't provide customer service. Great tool; beware before you buy because you might end up with a useless tool.

Kristi Keiffer

I would love to see this made with the 8 and 12” blades

Douglass Bubbletrousers
5 out of 5

AWESOMELY WELL MADE in the USA tool. I was using another high quality tool of the same make but different brand and it was fine. However, the dowel handle was too short (im 6ft 3 with a bad back). Not only was the HOSS 6 inches longer than my other tool, the cut was cleaner, and the 20 degree pivot on the blade head (a lot more pivot than my previous tool) made the actual operation a lot smoother and more natural. After i got the rhythm for it, I cleared about 500 square feet of our weed and grass infested gravel driveway today. Laying here now with an ice pack and 2 aspirin as i pen this review,…but I swear without this tool I simply would have had to hire pros to the tune of $600-$800 to do the same job. VERY HAPPY. PS: HOSS, PLEASE GET THE REPLACEMENT BLADES BACK INTO STOCK FOR THESE ASAP! I’ve got about 4 other buddies I’m sending your way to buy at least 1 each.

4 out of 5

Love the hoe itself however, a bit disappointed Hoss does not sell a replacement handle. Mine broke (at no fault to Hoss) and now I'm on the search of a new handle. The sell replacements handles for some of their other tools, but not this hoe.

Liberty Homestead
2 out of 5

Hoe itself is great, but Hoss does not sell replacement blades. Broke my blade on a hidden rock and now I have the choice to either buy an entirely new hoe or just be out a tool. Seems counter intuitive to sell a replaceable blade hoe but not sell the blades.