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Hoss Garden Planner


The Hoss Garden Planner includes all the information you need so that you know when to plant in your specific planting zone. Includes plant spacing, row spacing and companion planting suggestions.


Use the Hoss Garden Planner to determine planting dates for any crop in your specific growing zone. This easy-to-use slide guide contains a plethora information to assist your fall and spring vegetable gardening endeavors. One side contains the spring garden planting guide, while the other side contains the fall garden planting guide.

To use, simply pull the insert until the red line matches with the first frost date for your area. You will then be able to see suggested planting and harvest dates for a wide variety of vegetable crops in your planting zone. In addition to providing outdoor planting dates, the Hoss Garden Planner also provides indoor seeding dates for those crops that are typically transplanted.

Other information includes plants spacing, suggested planting depth, row spacing, distance between plants after thinning, minimum daily sunshine required and suggested companion plants. Made with heavy-duty card paper and includes a zip seal bag to keep it clean and dry.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Great organizing tool to help a newbie like me get seeds started on time for optimal planting in the spring.

Rich Davis
5 out of 5

Such a great product to take the guesswork out of seed start and direct planting timing. The accompanying instructions are also most helpful.

Benjamin Reese
5 out of 5

What an ingenious idea. A lot of helpful information right at your Finger tips

5 out of 5

Very helpful

4 out of 5

Very helpful. Like