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Hand Shovel


Our Hand Shovel is the toughest small garden shovel you’ll find! Great for turning soils, weeding and transplanting. Ergonomic, easy-to-use and built to last a lifetime! High-carbon steel blade and seasoned hardwood handle.

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Our Hand Shovel will be the best little shovel you've ever had! This tool is lightweight and easy-to-use while being extremely tough and sturdy. The offset implement design is ergonomic and provides a better “attack angle” when using the tool. This tool is hand-crafted in the USA with superior quality that’s designed to last a lifetime.

The Hand Shovel has a riveted-socket design that attaches the implement to the handle. This ensures that the handle will always remain attached to the implement for as long as you have the tool. The high-carbon steel shovel blade is sharpened and will cut through the hardest soils. The blade is also tempered and designed to withstand the toughest roots, rocks and other soil debris. The seasoned hardwood handle is comfortable and free of any varnish that might split or crack over time.

The Hand Shovel works great turning soils, adding amendments, planting transplants and removing heavy weeds. Use the sturdy blade for turning soils and breaking any large clumps of soil before planting. Use it to chop any leftover crop debris to encourage quicker decomposition before planting. It also works great for adding amendments during bed preparation. Use the Hand Shovel for incorporating your favorite compost or manure to the soil prior to planting.

In addition to soil prep, it can be used as a trowel for planting transplants. Just place the small shovel into the soil and lightly pull on the handle to make a planting hole for tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and more! Also use the shovel to remove weeds of all sizes. The sharpened blade makes it easy to uproot large, grassy weeds like crabgrass or Johnson grass. Or use it to dig deep into the soil and remove stubborn underground weeds like nutgrass or bermudagrass.

Hand Shovel Details

Total length: 15"

Blade length: 6"

Blade width: 4"

Handle length: 9"