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Hand Rake


Our Hand Rake is the perfect short-handle tool for light cultivation and incorporating amendments in your raised bed or container gardens. High-carbon steel blade and seasoned-hardwood handle. Built to last a lifetime!

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Our Hand Rake is the ideal light-cultivation tool for raised-bed or container gardens. This tool is lightweight and easy-to-use while being extremely tough and sturdy. The offset implement design is ergonomic and provides a better "attack angle" when using the tool. This tool is hand-crafted in the USA with superior quality that's designed to last a lifetime.

The Hand Rake has a riveted-socket design that attaches the implement to the handle. This ensures that the handle will always remain attached to the implement for as long as you have the tool. The high-carbon steel tines are tempered and designed to withstand the toughest roots, rocks and other soil debris. The seasoned hardwood handle is comfortable and free of any varnish that might split or crack over time.

The Hand Rake works great for weeding, light cultivation, leveling soil or adding soil amendments. Use the curved tines to remove weeds of any size. Lightly comb across the soil to remove any newly-emerging, threadlike weeds. And for large, heavily rooted weeds, the strong tines can be used to grab the roots and extract the entire plant. It also works great as a light cultivation tool to prevent future weed growth. Just lightly rake the top inch or two of soil once a week to prevent any new weed growth.

The Hand Rake is an excellent tool for preparing seed beds and planting surfaces. Use it to create a soft, level planting surface to improve seed germination. For potatoes and other plants that prefer "hilling," use it to pull dirt towards plants to encourage more root or tuber development. It also works great for adding amendments or fertilizers to garden soils. Use it when incorporating compost prior to planting, or use it to incorporate granular fertilizer when side-dressing.

Hand Rake Product Details

Total length: 15"

Tine length: 4"

Handle length: 11"