Green Griller Hybrid Squash F1
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Green Griller Hybrid Squash F1


Green Griller Squash is a hybrid zucchini variety perfect for slicing and grilling. Heavy yields on open-bush plants with few spines. Egg-shaped fruits average 5″ long. Cucurbita pepo. 40 days to maturity.

30 seeds per packet


Be sure to check out our Summer Squash Growing Guide to learn more tips & tricks on successfully growing summer squash.

Green Griller Squash is a hybrid zucchini variety that produces dark-green, egg-shaped fruits that are perfect for slicing and grilling. In addition to the beautiful coloration, this zucchini squash variety has a delicious, nutty flavor and a texture that holds well after cooking. These will produce heavily within an 8-week window once plants start producing flowers.

Green Griller Squash produces plants with an open-bush growing habit, which makes for easy harvesting. The plants also have very few spines, which keeps the fruits blemish-free during the harvesting process. Slice these in half, add olive oil and seasonings, and throw on the grill for an excellent summer treat!

Green Griller Squash may be direct-seeded or transplanted, although we highly recommend direct seeding. To ensure a good stand, we recommend planting Seeds every 12" along the intended row. Once plants emerge, thin plants to one every 2 feet. Winter Squash can be susceptible to plant diseases like downy mildew and powdery mildew if leaves receive excess moisture. As a result, we recommend using drip irrigation on winter squash to reduce plant moisture and feed plants more effectively. During periods of heavy rainfall, using a fungicide like Liquid Copper can help to alleviate disease pressure as well.

Green Griller Planting Information:

Planting Method: direct seed

When to Plant: after last frost

Planting Depth: 1/2"

Seed Spacing: 18-24"

Row Spacing: 5-6'

Days to Maturity: 40

Disease Resistance: Zucchini Yellow Mosaic Virus

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Pizza zucchinis!

We LOVE these! A few years ago we found a plant at a garden center. We loved the little or large footballs it produced! We grilled, cut up and our favorite was to slice and make pizzas! We were not able to find the plant years after. We searched and are overjoyed when we found Hoss! And they had these little gems in seed. The plant grows large so make room. It produces alot. Stores great! I wrap mine in a plastic bag with one paper towel and place in my veggies drawer in refrigerator. They lasted weeks! We try to use as soon as we pick. But if you get a lot, they keep well. We then shredded and froze towards the end of the season thank you Hoss for providing these seeds!!

Rena Haines
Griller zucchini seeds sprouted like champs!

I planted 8 Griller seeds—all sprouted and are ready to transplant. We're ready for zucchini’s!

Christina Garcia
Must Have as a staple in Garden!!

These an are prolific .I’ve had zero disease pest on these! And the taste is amazing. I use as an avocado substitute for avocado salsa it was so creamy nobody could tell the difference! There an hit at the dinner table the kids are constantly a waiting for them to pop out so I can cook them . accidentally let a couple grow huge and not bitter at all. These squash don’t last in my home they are always requested for meals. Love love love !!

Gabriel Lewis

Why are my radish so leggy?

Ryan Wigley
Very Good

These are great and produce a lot. Hope you have friends to share these with.