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Goof Plugs


Use our 0.250″ barb Goof Plugs to seal a punched hole in a section of 5/8″ Mainline Tubing. Very helpful when changing row spacing between spring and fall crops.


Goof Plugs are very useful in any drip irrigation system, especially if you plan on reusing mainline tubing between growing seasons. These will plug a 0.250" barb hole in mainline tubing. To use them, simply twist one of the Goof Plugs from the tree of 10, and insert the barb into the hole in your mainline tubing.

Goof Plugs Benefits

Goof Plugs allow you to conserve mainline tubing and use it for multiple growing seasons or multiple years. If you live in a warmer climate, you probably grow a spring and fall vegetable garden. Between those spring and fall gardens, you're likely going to need to change your row spacing in conjunction with crop rotations. Fall crops like greens, broccoli or carrots typically are grown on a closer row spacing than spring crops such as corn, beans, peas, etc. Therefore, you'll need to have your mainline drip irrigation tubing punched differently between seasons.

Use the plugs to cover existing holes from your previous row spacing. With those holes plugged, you can then conserve mainline irrigation tubing and create new holes for the upcoming garden row spacing.