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German White Garlic


Our Certified-Organic German White Garlic is an extra-hardy,  porcelain, hardneck variety. This garlic variety yields large, 2″ sized bulbs that contain up to 6 big, easy-to-peel cloves. Plump, richly flavored cloves that are great for roasting! USDA Certified Organic. Allium sativum. 

Approximately 5-6 bulbs per lb

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Our certified-organic, German White Garlic is an extra-hardy, porcelain hardneck variety with beautiful well-formed bulbs. A rich, bold flavor with the right amount of spiciness.

A vigorous grower, the German White garlic is a cold-hardy variety that is a dependable producer. It grows best in climates with cooler winters, though it has been known to grow in almost any climate. As this variety grows, it will produce a stalk that will coil at the top called a "scape" or garlic flower. Scapes are often harvested and used in cooking before the garlic is itself is harvested. This garlic variety is great for cooking, roasting, pickling, and long-term storage.

Much like onions and shallots, garlic is a heavy feeder and will require plenty of water and fertilizer. Garlic can have a high demand for nitrogen. We suggest fertilizing with a complete fertilizer like our 20-20-20 initially to promote root development and then switching to nitrogen and sulfur-based fertilizer like our Ammonium Sulfate. Garlic will grow best when competition with weeds is reduced. Keep weeds at a minimum with frequent shallow cultivation.

  • USDA Certified-Organic

Bulbs are ready to harvest when the tops flower and the cloves reach an acceptable size. Pull the bulbs from the soil and allow them to “cure” in the sun for a couple of days. If rain is imminent, move them to a dry area. Once cured, place bulbs in a cool, dry area that is well-ventilated. A pole barn or a ventilated storage basement is sufficient.

Garlic Planting Information:

Planting Method: direct

When to Plant: early fall

Plant Spacing: Plant cloves about 8-12" apart along the row.

Planting Depth: Create a planting furrow in the soil and plant the cloves about 2-3" deep. Well-drained soil will produce the best harvests.

Row Spacing: 6"- 8"

Days to Maturity: 210-240

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Large cloves and good quality. I’m excited to see how they grow!!


Very impressed with the garlic. Hopefully will have a great harvest.


Cloves are huge! Looking forward to seeing them grow.


Prompt delivery. Great product


Forever have my business. Always happy with my orders.