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Fogg-It Mist Nozzle


The Fogg-It Mist Nozzle is the best way to water young, delicate seedlings. Three jets produce a conical-shaped misting funnel that refreshes and feeds plants. 1 gallon per minute output. Standard, 3/4″ hose threads.


The Fogg-It Mist Nozzle is the perfect tool for watering fragile seedlings that have just emerged from the soil. This small brass nozzle has a standard 3/4" hose thread and will fit on the end of any standard watering wand. It works great with our Dramm One Touch 16" Watering Wand. The Fogg-It Mist Nozzle produces a fine mist of water that will keep soils moist and newly-formed seedlings happy. The nozzle contains three mist jets which combine to form a conical spray pattern that's gentle yet effective and cooling for plants. This is a great nozzle for more delicate seedlings like beets, chard, spinach, flowers, peppers and more!

We like to use the Fogg-It Nozzle in conjunction with the shower breaker nozzle on the Dramm One Touch 16" Watering Wand. We use the shower breaker nozzle during the seeding process until plants begin to emerge from the soil. Once plants emerge, we'll switch to the Fogg-It Nozzle so that plants aren't broken in their early life. Once plants are strong enough, we'll switch to the shower breaker nozzle. In addition to using it on young seedlings, it's also very useful when stepping peppers and other nightshades to larger pots. The fine mist will provide adequate water while not bending the young plants until they have rooted in the new soil.

Fogg-It Mist Nozzle Details

The Fogg-It Mist Nozzle is made with solid brass and weighs 4 ounces. This is the fine volume model that has an output of 1 gallon per minute. The interior of the nozzle includes a rubber washer to establish a secure connection that will not leak. The interior also includes a screen to catch any large particulate material that could clog the fine misting nozzles. This is a simple, yet effective addition to any seedling growing operation. It's built to last a lifetime and will continue to perform season after season.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Weldon Griffith
Fog Nozzle

Wow, should have bought it years ago

5 out of 5

Way better than the built in misters on sprayers. Lots of water flow and is a heavy mist. Sort of between shower setting and typical mist setting. Fantastic.