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Fish and Guano Fertilizer


Fish and Guano Fertilizer is an all-natural, high-yield analysis (9-6-2) liquid fertilizer based on liquid fish and bird guano. use on both indoor plants and outdoor ornamentals, turf, trees, and vegetables.


Fish and Guano Fertilizer is a liquid formulation of fish and bird guano with a guaranteed analysis of 9-6-2 (N-P-K). It can be used on both indoor plants and outdoor ornamentals, turf, trees and vegetables. It may be applied as a foliar spray or drench.

Fish and Guano Fertilizer Instructions

Shake well before mixing and keep solution mixed well during application. Do not store mixed solutions. Apply in early morning or late afternoon to avoid leaf damage. Do not apply near water, storm drains or drainage ditches. Do not apply if heavy rain is expected. Apply this product only to your garden.

Use 1/2 fl. oz. per gallon of water. On vegetables, flowers and ornamentals, apply monthly during the growing season. On trees, apply every 14 days. For indoor houseplants, apply every time you water.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Christina Lynam
Best fertilizer

if you want to give your plants and seedlings a boost, this is the best fertilizer. Results are immediate.

Larry Roskey
5 out of 5

Best fieldpea fertilizer I’ve found!