Dripper Plug Punch
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Dripper Plug Punch


Use the Dripper Plug Punch to insert our Mainline Drip Emitters into 5/8″ Mainline Tubing. Also has a claw end for removing drip emitters from tubing. Bright pink so it’s easy to find.


The Dripper Plug Punch is use to create holes in 5/8" Mainline Tubing for inserting Mainline Drip Emitters. This plug punch makes a 1/4" size hole for our 1/4" Mainline Drip Emitters. The tool is bright pink which makes it easy to find if you leave it laying around the garden or homestead.

Dripper Plug Punch Features

This tool has several uses. One end includes the sharp point for punching holes into mainline tubing. The other end contains a claw that is useful for removing mainline drip emitters installed into mainline tubing. Simply insert the groove between the mainline drip emitter and the tubing to provide leverage for removing the drip emitter.