Drip Tape Row Start Valve
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Drip Tape Row Start Valve


The Drip Tape Row Start Valve allows you to control flow on individual drip tape lines by turning the valve. Ideal for situations when you need to alter watering patterns between different crops planted close to one another.


Use the Drip Tape Row Start Valve to control flow on individual drip irrigation tape lines. Works great in situations where some rows or crops may not need as much water as other rows in your drip irrigation system. It's also ideal to control fertilizer injection in your drip irrigation system. In some instances, you may not want to fertilize all crops in your garden with the same fertilizer, so the Drip Tape Row Start Valve allows you to turn off the water flow so that the fertilizer is only applied to the rows you want.

Drip Tape Row Start Valve Details

This fitting has a 1/4" barb for connecting to our Mainline Tubing. Simply punch a hole in the mainline tubing and insert the barb for a snug fit. Connect the other end to our 5/8" Drip Tape by sliding the drip tape onto the barb and tightening the nut. You should be able to pull on the drip tape tightly without it coming off the end of the fitting.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Michael Andrews
Great products

Excellent quality at a great price! I will definitely use Hoss in the future.

jim ottinger
Great products, greater people

I have done business with lots of companies, and Hoss is one of the finest. THANKS HOSS. Gotta go get Dirty.

Gerald Richard
Must have

I’m so glad that I got these, it allows me to shut off a row that doesn’t need to be fertilized and leave on the rows that do. It also is nice to have them if you get a leak in your drip tape, you can shut off that row and fix the leak.

Donald Miller
Good product!

Hoss helped us to get started again in the garden, and we thank y’all! So far all the product we’ve ordered has been really good. Highly recommended

David Witte
Row start valve

A must have if you use the Hoss fertilizer ejection system