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Drip Tape Layer Combo


The Drip Tape Layer Combo allows you to easily lay drip tape in your vegetable garden with our Double Wheel Hoe and Drip Tape Layer Attachment. Use the Plow Set attachment to bury the drip tape, keep it upright and away from rodents. Drip tape not included. USA MADE!


The Drip Tape Layer Combo includes our Hoss Double Wheel Hoe and all the attachments necessary for laying our 8 mil drip tape to water your vegetable garden. The Drip Tape Layer Attachment and the Plow Set easily attach to the Double Wheel Hoe frame, allowing you to apply and bury drip tape in one pass.

Drip tape is by far the easiest and most efficient way to water your vegetable garden. Conserve water by placing it right where the plants need it. Alleviate disease pressure by reducing leaf moisture and prevent weeds between garden rows.

*Note: The Drip Tape Layer Attachment is only compatible with our 8 mil Drip Irrigation Tape rolls. Due to differences in roll size, it will not work with our 15 mil Drip Irrigation Tape rolls.

Drip Tape Layer Combo Includes:

Double Wheel Hoe

Our best selling Wheel Hoe model with two wheels for added stability. Powder-coated steel frame and Amish-crafted, hardwood handles. Includes 4 cultivator teeth.

Drip Tape Layer Attachment

Compatible with our 8 mil thick, 1,470 ft. drip tape rolls. Includes Drip Tape Layer Attachment and two galvanized nails for staking drip tape at the beginning of each row.

Plow Set

Our left and right plows can be used for furrowing or hilling. Place the Plow Set in the furrowing position to create a furrow for burying your drip tape. Use the Plow Set in the hilling position on the back of the Double Wheel Hoe to bury drip tape immediately after laying it with the Drip Tape Layer Attachment.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Anthony Ellinger
Drip tape

Doesn’t work great in hard clay. Hopefully my garden area will get better and till like sand. So we had to lay the tape by hand

5 out of 5

I bought this July 2021. I wish I would have bought it 10 years ago! I love my wheel hoe! Picking what I like about it most is difficult but I have to say I enjoy being able to weed my garden in just minutes! I've been buying from Hoss for a year now and they don't disappoint!

Terry Tomesko
5 out of 5

We we’re having trouble with this laying the drip tape . I emailed my trouble to get help and I was extremely impressed at the quick response I got from the owner of Hoss Tools himself. Thank you for taking the time. I’m todays times too many people don’t care and I just want to express how thankful we are that you took the time and you cared enough to respond! Sincerely, Terry Tomesko and Howard Manis

Dave Stratton
5 out of 5

Great for laying drip tape.

Dave Stratton
5 out of 5

Makes installing drip tape so much easelier.