Dramm Watering Can
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Dramm Watering Can


The Dramm Watering Can allows you to reach tight spaces to water indoor seed starting trays, pots, and other plant containers. Professional-grade and well-balanced for no-spill watering. Removable soft touch nozzle. MADE IN THE USA with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. 2 liter capacity.


The Dramm Watering Can is a professional-grade watering can that is perfect for watering indoor seed trays or plants. This watering can has a 2 liter capacity and is MADE IN THE USA with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. It is made with a high-quality, 1/8" thick, injection molded plastic that won't crack and will last for decades.

The Dramm Watering Can has a wrap-around handle that's easy to grip with either hand or both hands. The extra long spout is particularly handy when growing seedlings indoors on a rack with multiple shelves. The long spout allows you to easily reach into tight spaces and evenly apply water without making a huge mess. The spout is also useful when watering plants that have extensive foliage. It allows you to slide the nozzle between grow lights and the plant foliage to water without removing trays or pots from the growing rack.

It has a balanced design that makes it easy to carry without spills. Each 2 liter watering can includes a removable, soft-touch nozzle. The soft nozzle is great for watering recently planted Seeds that are waiting to germinate, as the gentle flow won't wash away or displace Seeds that have not yet germinated. The soft nozzle also helps to protect young seedlings or fragile transplants like beets, chard, and rutabagas. The nozzle will allow you to lightly apply water without breaking or bending the stems of the young plants. The nozzle can be easily removed for a heavier flow from the watering can. This is useful when watering larger pots or containers at the root zone.

Dramm Watering Can Features:

  • Made with 1/8", injection-molded plastic
  • Wrap-around, oval handle for easy gripping
  • Extra long spout for reaching into tight spaces
  • Removable, soft-touch nozzle that won't damage plants
  • LIFETIME WARRANTYHoss-dramm-watering-can-color
    Please note: We randomly ship one of the following six different assorted colors depending on availability and we are not able to fulfill individual color requests.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great costumer service

I’ve bought several products from HOSS. Great company to get gardening supplies from. Want the best bang for your buck HOSS is the place!!!!

Rich Hesting

Very nice and quality-made can. I like the swivel head on the spout that allows you to reach into water plant starts. I expect to get many years of use out of this as I can tell it's well made. The cheaper cans I've purchased deteriorated after being in the greenhouse for a couple of years. Dramm offered a larger one that would be nice.