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Double Wheel Deal


Cultivate, Weed, Furrow and Hill with our comprehensive Double Wheel Deal package. Includes a Double Wheel Hoe, Plow Set and Sweeps — all the attachments you need to maintain a successful vegetable garden. USA MADE!


The Double Wheel Deal is the perfect package that provides all the necessary tools to help you grow your own food; this package includes the Double Wheel Hoe, the Plow Set and the Sweeps. The Double Wheel Hoe is a dual-wheeled push cultivator that provides added stability for cultivating, weeding, furrowing, and hilling plants. The additional wheel allows you to straddle plants when they are small so that you can work both sides of the row in one pass.

Use the Plow Set attachment to make a furrow for planting, or turn them around to throw dirt (hill) plants in your garden. When using with the Double Wheel Hoe, the Plow Set is especially handy when planting potatoes because it allows you to easily dig a furrow for planting and cover your planted potatoes.

The Sweeps are our most versatile weeding attachment. The left and right Sweep have slightly different angles which allow you to alter the width of your weeding path. With the Double Wheel Hoe, you can set up the Sweeps to straddle a row of small plants and weed on both sides.

Add the Wheel Hoe Success Kit

Our Wheel Hoe Success Kit includes everything you need to maintain your Wheel Hoe, change attachments and keep your blades sharpened. The Wheel Hoe Success Kit includes Boiled Linseed Oil for conditioning and protecting your Wheel Hoe handles, a 9/16" Wrench for changing Wheel Hoe attachments, a Farmers File for sharpening attachments, and a medium grit Sanding Block for polishing and smoothing any rough spots that may develop.

The Double Wheel Deal Includes:

Hoss Double Wheel Hoe

  • The ultimate dual-wheeled push cultivator!
  • Powder-coated steel frame and Amish-crafted, hardwood handles
  • Includes set of 4 Cultivator Teeth

Plow Set

  • Left and right plow blades for the Hoss Double Wheel Hoe
  • Create planting furrows and hilled beds
  • Easily throw dirt to existing plants to prevent wind damage


  • Our most versatile weeding attachment for the Hoss Wheel Hoe
  • Zinc-plated steel with extremely sharp cutting blade
  • Turn inward for a solid weeding path or turn outward for straddle weeding


Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Brian Neal
Best Customer Service

They got my order to my door in just a couple days. Everyone you deal with there is very pleasant..
Thank you HOSS TEAM

Timothy Clements

Don't wait go on and get one

Husband approved

We hilled beans in minutes. It will save a lot of time.
Fast delivery.

Jared Vander Laan

Excellent quality.

Illinois Gardener
Worth it !

This tool is a very good asset to my homestead. So far I have cultivated, furrowed and even cut a narrow patch of sod with the sweeps around my chicken coop to plant flowers.

Tough and made in the USA!

Worth it!