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Disc Harrow


Use the Disc Harrow attachment on the Hoss Single and Double Wheel Hoe to cultivate before planting and to keep weeds under control after planting. Easily change the angle of the concave disks to alter the degree of cultivation. USA MADE!

Transform your garden with the versatile Disc Harrow attachment for the Hoss Single or Double Wheel Hoe. Two sets of concave disks delicately slice through soil, effortlessly cutting weeds and preventing their return. Easily adjust the angle of the disks to customize your cultivation experience - break up stems, cultivate soil, move earth towards or away from plants. Perfect for light weeding and planting cover crops, this attachment ensures optimal germination by covering seeds with precision. Crafted with a durable 13" harrow bar and zinc-plated disks that rotate smoothly thanks to bronze bushings. Trust in its effectiveness – try it out on your own garden and see the results! Upgrade your gardening game today. Don't miss out on achieving a thriving garden – grab your own Disc Harrow now!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jacob Iler
Great tool

This took my weeding time in my garden from a few hrs a week to 15 minutes a week. It's easy to use and does what I expected. The sweeps do a good job of killing the weeds even though I wasn't sure they would work. If you don't have one you need one!


This is a fine little tool. Can't wait for ground to dry out so I can do some actual work with it.

Bill De Young
Love this product!

Fabulous surprise. I have used this to finesse an almost prepared seedbed; to stir in compost; and, to stir in broadcast seeds of cover crops. I am very impressed with the ingenuity of the design and it's performance. The push pins are too tight for easy use. I substituted small bolts.