Danvers 126 Carrot
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Danvers 126 Carrot


Danvers 126 Carrot is an open-pollinated variety with broad shoulders and a sharp taper. Performs well in all soil types. Strong tops for easy harvesting. Daucus carota subsp sativus. 75 days to maturity.

750 seeds per packet


Be sure to check out our Carrot Growing Guide to learn more about how to successfully grow carrots at home.

Danvers 126 Carrot is an open-pollinated variety that performs well in a wide variety of soil types. This is the traditional "Bugs Bunny" carrot with broad shoulders and a strong taper to a sharp tip. Danvers 126 Carrots average 6-8" long and resist splitting through the root maturation period. This variety is widely-adaptable and works well even in dense, heavy soil types. Tops are large and well-attached to roots, which makes these carrots easy to pull from the soil. This is a great variety for a wide-range of preparation applications. Use them for fresh eating or preserving. Storage trials noted that the sweet flavor was retained long throughout the storage period. Blanch, dry and freeze to have carrots throughout the year!

Carrots grow best when planted during the cooler times of the year in early spring or fall. Carrots prefer a soil temperature around 75 degrees for optimal germination. They will perform best when direct seeded and are not a good crop to transplant. We recommend seeding carrots in a thick band along the desired row. This will ensure a solid stand of carrots and help to aid in weed control once tops get larger. Carrots are a great crop for double-row planting on drip irrigation. For this strategy, plant two rows 6" apart, skip about 3', then plant another two rows 6" apart. The double row technique allows for easy weed control because the tops shade the area between the double rows. It also allows you to maximize the garden space because you can get two rows of harvest for almost the same amount of space as one row.

Danvers 126 Carrot Planting Information

Planting Method: direct seed

When to Plant: early spring and fall

Planting Depth: 1/4"

Seed Spacing: 1/2", thin to 1-2"

Row Spacing: 12"

Days to Maturity: 75

Disease Tolerance: None