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Coriander/ Cilantro Splits Microgreens

Coriander Splits (also known as Cilantro Leisure Splits) is a well-known and highly appreciated herb that has a delightful blend of bold flavors and fresh aromas. This variety is an excellent source of many vitamins and nutrients. Extremely easy and fast growing, great variety for novice and advanced growers alike. The split seeds are individual seeds separated from the multi-seed pods in which they grow naturally. This makes them ideal to grow as microgreens due to faster germination and harvest time compared to full grown cilantro.

Cilantro microgreens are relatively easy to grow but are not the fastest to reach harvest. The Seeds take time to germinate and mature but are well worth the wait. It may take over 20 days before you can harvest the microgreens. Coriandrum sativum

Our Coriander Splits microgreen seed packets are the perfect amount/seed ratio for the 1020 Microgreen Growing Trays. Spread Seeds evenly on top of the soil. Maintain even moisture and do not allow the soil to dry out. Microgreens can be germinated in windowsills, greenhouses, or using a Hoss Light Kit


Germination Time: 7-10 days

Estimated Harvest Time: 10-20 days

Nutrients: Vitamins A,C,E,K, calcium, iron, potassium, dietary fiber and magnesium