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Brown Top Millet


Brown Top Millet is a warm-season cover crop that provides excellent ground cover for weed suppression during warmer months. It also makes a great livestock forage and green manure for adding organic matter to soils. Brachiaria ramosa.

Treatment: Untreated


Brown Top Millet is an ideal warm-season cover crop for suppressing and reducing weed pressure during the warmer months. Millet is a tall, bunching grass that can get up to 12 feet high. Because it is a bunching grass, it forms a "mat" over the soil and provides excellent ground cover. This ground cover works great for weed suppression during the warmer months when weed pressure is highest. Brown Top Millet matures in 60-70 days, making it a very fast-growing cover crop. Because it grows so fast, it is able to grow faster than the weeds that it is being used to suppress.

Millet is an ideal cover crop for soils with low moisture, low fertility, and in areas with high temperatures. It is very tolerable of hot, dry conditions. It performs best in sandy loam soils but can be great for adding nutrients to sandy soils which are nutrient-deficient. As "green manure", millet can add significant amounts of organic matter to depleted soils, improving tilth and soil quality. While growing, millet will improve water absorption and retention in fast-draining soils.

Brown Top Millet germinates best in soil temperatures at least 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit. Millet may be planted with a broadcast spreader or a precision planter like our Hoss Garden Seeder. Although it can be planted in late spring, it works great as a transition between spring and fall crops. We suggest planting after spring crops are finished and incorporating into soils before fall crops are planted. As with most cover crops, they should be mowed or cut before going to seed. This will prevent the cover crop from becoming a weed issue in the future. Millet may be mowed or grazed by livestock. Once cut, it can be incorporated into the soil as "green manure" or left on top of the soil to continue suppressing weeds.

Brown Top Millet Planting Information:

Season: Warm

Planting Depth: 1/2"

Seeding Rate: 1 lb per 1,000 sq. ft.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Gail Greene
5 out of 5

We love the details provided about each type of plant for which you sell seeds. We can write on the bags with permanent marker, info we don't want to lose track of. it's great to have safe forage to treat our chickens with too.

Anna JacksonTurner
5 out of 5

We love it, looks so green and beautiful and today had first cut, we will buy it in a future, we’re recommending Millet for cover crop and manure to others.