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Brass Siphon Mixer


The Brass Siphon Mixer is a time-tested device for accurately proportioning fertilizer, pesticide and fungicide into your plant watering system. Works great in greenhouses and grow rooms. MADE IN THE USA!


The Brass Siphon Mixer is a time-tested, accurate proportioning device designed for small scale growers and gardeners. We use these in our greenhouses to administer fertilizer and provide nutrients to all of our transplants that we start from seed.

The Siphon Mixer dispenses fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides and other water soluble chemicals through a hose to the growing area. This is not a cheap, plastic siphon mixer that you may find in the big box stores. Note: Not compatible with hose over 50 feet. This is the only Siphon Mixer that's made with brass and that's MADE IN THE USA!

Simply attach the brass end to your water faucet or hose and place the rubber siphoning hose into a bucket of fertilizer, insecticide or fungicide. It has a "backflow preventer" which prevents any of your chemical from traveling backwards into your water supply. The spring filter eliminates clogging from any solids in your chemical source.

  • Siphon mixer proportions at the rate of 1 gallon concentrate to 16 gallons water
  • Requires a minimum 35 psi for proper operation

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Love this product!

I know this wasn't recommended for drip systems but it will work if the flow is sufficient. I used it all summer to push amendments into the micro drip system HOSS sells, so I am a witness. The downside is ALL the lines have to be open and not everything I have growing needs the same amendments at the same time. So I am considering upgrading to the HOSS injector system to give me more control of the process.

Love this product!

Does not work with drip. Major disappointment.

Tim Strano
Love this product!

This is a well made item and it works as it's designed. The siphon has made it easier for me to feed my garden on a regular cycle. The only issue I have with it are the threads in the brass were left razor sharp like the threads for gas pipe. I sliced my finger tips just handling the siphon. I would suggest wearing gloves while handling it and/or knocking the tips of the threads down with a file first.