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Brainiac Celosia Mix


Brainiac Celosia Mix is an heirloom variety and features brilliant colored flowers in interesting shapes and sizes. This heat lover flourishes in the summer months and makes an excellent candidate for cut flowers. The edible leaves and young flowers add even more interest to this already unique variety. Celosia cristata Brainiac Mixed. 75 Days to Maturity.

50 seeds per pack


Treatment: Untreated


Brainiac Celosia Mix is a newly released celosia variety with a vibrant, colorful blend of large "cockscomb" blooms. They were given the common name "cockscomb" because the blooms resemble the comb on a rooster. This colorful mix makes a great addition to any flower or vegetable garden. Brainiac Celosia Mix contains dense crested heads in vibrant hot colored blooms. The stems are thick which makes it a great variety for cut-flowers. The blooms also have a long storage potential and hold color extremely well once cut and placed into water. This mix provides bright, brilliant color to any garden or landscape. It is guaranteed to attract many insects and pollinators to your vegetable garden for increased harvests and reduced pest pressure.

The thicker stems on the Brainiac Celosia Mix make it a great variety for cut-flowers. Another interesting quality that sets this variety apart is that both the young flowers as well as the leaves are edible so during pruning in the early stages, the blooms could add a beautiful pop of color to any dish. We recommend transplanting Brainiac Celosia Mix for best results. Perfect for landscaping settings, early flowering with a compact and uniform growth habit.

This flower variety grows great in our heavy-duty seed starting trays. Place 1-2 Seeds per cell and dust lightly, as Seeds are very small. Once seedlings emerge, thin to one seed per cell. Transplants may be started a few weeks before the last frost date in spring, but can also be grown anytime throughout the warmer months. Transplants are ready to go in the ground when they can be easily pulled from the seed trays. Plants should be placed in the ground after the last frost date in spring or anytime during the spring, summer, or early fall growing periods. Celosia is a warm-weather flower that thrives in the warmer months. It also is relatively drought-tolerant and performs well during periods of minimal rainfall. For best results, prune or cut flowers as they bloom. This will ensure the production of continuous blooms throughout the growing season.

Brainiac Celosia Planting Information

Planting Method: transplant

When to Plant: after last frost

Planting Depth: 1/4″

Seed Spacing: 6-8"

Row Spacing: 2-3'

Days to Maturity: 75

Disease Resistance: None