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Borage is an herb with edible leaves and flowers. A mild cucumber flavor makes it great for salads, dips and drinks. Also an excellent plant for bees and other pollinators. Borago officinalis. 60 days to maturity.

Treatment: Untreated


Borage is an open-pollinated herb variety that produces edible leaves and flowers. Plants average 18-24" tall and produce loads of small, edible flowers that are light blue. A few pink flowers will be present as well.

Borage leaves are edible and have a mild cucumber flavor. It is most commonly used as a bright, flavorful addition to salads, dips or cocktails. This is a warm-season herb that has a long harvest period. Leaves and flowers can be harvested as soon as plants begin to flower. It is also known for its medicinal uses to reduce fever, pain and inflammation.

Borage is a popular plant for attracting bees and other pollinators to the vegetable garden and homestead. Bees love it and use it to make some of the best honey you've ever had! Once established, plants are relatively drought-tolerant and will continue to produce throughout the warm growing season.

It works great when grown in containers, raised beds or in-ground gardens. It can also be used as a warm-season cover crop to provide ground cover and feed pollinators. It is self-sowing and will readily reseed if allowed to do so. As a result, we recommend growing it in a permanent area where it can continue to volunteer plants year after year.

We recommend direct-seeding Borage as it does not perform as well when transplanted. It produces an elongated taproot, much like a carrot, which can make transplanting difficult. When direct-seeding, plant Seeds 3-4" apart with a 24" row spacing. Seeds will usually take 7-14 days to germinate, so growing in an area with a low weed seed bank will be important.

Borage Planting Information

Planting Method: direct seed

When to Plant: after last frost

Planting Depth: 1/4″

Seed Spacing: 3-4″

Row Spacing: 24″

Days to Maturity: 60

Disease Tolerance: None