Baby Leaf Greens Mix Seed Tape
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Baby Leaf Greens Mix Seed Tape

Make your spring salads extra special with this unique Baby Leaf Greens Mix Seed Tape! Create a vibrant visual contrast of red, dark green, and light green leaves, plus an array of different textures for a truly gourmet salad. Lay and cover the seed tape in your garden to get your spring harvest started!
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This Baby Leaf Lettuce Mix Seed Tape is a perfect choice for a gourmet spring salad, featuring a blend of red, dark green, and light green lettuce leaves for a bright visual contrast. The mix also provides a delightful mix of textures, with some leaves being smooth and crisp while others are more delicate and incised. Create a unique spring salad with fresh vegetables and fruits from the garden.


Growing Information

To use seed tape in your garden, begin by preparing a clean and well-tilled planting bed. Lay the seed tape in straight rows, ensuring that it's placed at the recommended spacing for the specific crop you're planting. Gently cover the seed tape with a thin layer of soil, water it thoroughly, and then keep the soil consistently moist to facilitate germination. This convenient method helps ensure even seed distribution and proper spacing, making it a great choice for gardeners looking for an efficient and hassle-free way to sow Seeds.

Baby Leaf Mix Planting Information

When to Plant: early spring and fall

Planting Depth: 1/4"

Row Spacing: 18-24"

Days to Maturity: 30

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Seed tape is a game changer!

Got the seed tape for lettuce, radishes and carrots. So easy!!! Everything is growing great!

Dana R Hargrove
Timely order

Was very impressed with how fast order got to me. Very anxious to get my seeds planted just waiting cause supposed to have a cold snap