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Angle Dripper


The Angle Dripper connects to our Mainline Drip Emitters via Spaghetti Tubing and allows you to feed containers or trees exactly where you’d like.


The Angle Dripper allows you to water exactly where you need it. This fitting connects to our Mainline Drip Emitter via Spaghetti Tubing and allows you to feed individual containers or trees. One end connects to our spaghetti tubing and the other end inserts into the ground like a stake.

For most containers or trees, we recommend feeding with two angle drippers per container or tree. With our Mainline Drip Emitters, this will deliver water to the container or tree at a rate of 2 gallons per hour.

Angle Dripper Features

It is 6" long and has channels so that water is delivered accurately and effectively where the stake is set. Spaghetti Tubing may be trimmed so that excess is not an obstruction laying along the ground.