30 Ft. Mainline Tubing
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30 Ft. Mainline Tubing


Mainline Tubing is the supply line for your drip irrigation system. Made with premium-grade polyethylene resins and it is backed by a 7-year warranty. 30 ft. roll.


Mainline Tubing, also known as a supply line, is the backbone of your drip irrigation system. It connects your water hose to the drip tape that will be feeding your plants. This tubing is made with premium-grade polyethylene resins.

Mainline Tubing will have a bit of initial memory from being coiled into a roll. We suggest laying it in the sun for a day prior to drip installation so that the sun can warm the tubing and make it easier to straighten. It also helps to have a brick or something similar to hold down each end to keep it straight during installation. Mainline Tubing should be crimped on both ends using our Figure 8 End Clamps. If the lines need flushing, simply remove the Figure 8 End Clamps, flush the lines, and reinstall the end clamps.