15 mil Drip Tape Irrigation Kit
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15 mil Drip Tape Irrigation Kit


Our 15 mil Drip Tape Irrigation Kit is a great option for consistently watering perennials such as asparagus, blackberries, blueberries and other long-term crops. Includes two rolls of tape, 750′ each. 15 mil thickness with 12″ emitter spacing. Output is 0.4 gallons per minute per 100′ of tape.


Our 15 mil Drip Tape Irrigation Kit has a thicker, longer lasting 15 mil drip tape that is perfect for long-term crops and perennials. It is ideal in situations where the tape will not need to be removed after each season. The thicker, 15 mil drip tape is also great for those who like to reuse their drip irrigation tape in their vegetable year after year. With a longer lifespan of 5 years, the 15 mil tape can be reused up to five years.

Drip Irrigation allows you to use less water while watering more effectively. This is because you are only placing water directly where your plants need it -- at the roots. Because you're not watering the leaves, disease pressure and pest pressure will be greatly reduced. Drip irrigation provides a more consistent, reliable watering pattern than a traditional soaker hose that doesn't have equalized pressure and can clog and deteriorate quickly.

If being used with mulched perennials such as asparagus, blackberries, blueberries, etc., you can apply the 15 mil drip tape under the mulch layer to keep it secure and out of the way. The 15 mil Drip Tape Irrigation Kit also makes it really easy to fertilize your plants while you water them, saving you time and energy. By installing a Fertilizer Injector between the spigot and your Drip Irrigation system, you can easily inject water soluble fertilizer into your watering system so that you feed your plants while you water.

*Note: Due to differences in roll size, the 15 mil drip tape included in this kit does not work in conjunction with our Drip Tape Layer Attachment for the Wheel Hoe. If you wish to be able to lay drip tape with the Wheel Hoe, please see our 8 mil Drip Tape Irrigation Kit.

15 mil Drip Tape Irrigation Kit Includes:

2 - 750 ft. Drip Tape Rolls - 15 mil thickness that lasts up to five years. Emitters every 12".

1 - 100 ft. Mainline Tubing Roll - Our 5/8" Mainline Tubing runs along the border of your garden and feeds water into individual Drip Tape lines.

1 - Filter Regulator Combo - Includes 3/4" Hose Swivel, Filter with removable screen, 12 PSI Pressure Regulator, and Hose Swivel with Screen that connects to Mainline Tubing.

1 - Hole Punch - Used for punching holes in Mainline Tubing for attaching Drip Tape Row Starts.

1 - Mainline Tee - Used for splitting Mainline Tubing into two separate lines.

2 - Figure 8 End Clamps - Used to clamp and stop flow at the end of a section of Mainline Tubing.

2 - Mainline Couplings - Used to create a linear connection between two pieces of Mainline Tubing. Handy when repairing a cut in Mainline Tubing or when piecing two scrap sections to create a longer section.

20 - Drip Tape Row Starts - Used at the beginning of each row to connect Drip Tape to Mainline Tubing.

20 - Drip Tape Row Ends - Used to clamp and stop flow at the end of a row of Drip Tape.

4 - Drip Tape Couplings - Used to connect two pieces of Drip Tape. Handy for repairing nicks or cuts in a section of Drip Tape.

10 - Goof Plugs - Used to plug holes in Mainline Tubing where Drip Tape Row Starts where installed. Handy when changing row spacing from spring to fall gardens.

15 mil Drip Tape Irrigation Kit Requirements:

Water hose - connects to a 3/4" water hose or 3/4" spigot. Must be connected downstream from all shutoff valves.

Pressure - PSI should be below 50 psi and 8 gallons per minute. Requires a flow rate between 0.4 to 8 gallons per minute. To calculate your flow rate, simply record the time (in minutes that it takes to fill a 5 gallon bucket with water. Then divide 5 by the time above to obtain your gallon per minute rate. For example, if it takes 30 seconds (0.5 minutes) to fill a 5 gallon bucket, your flow rate is 10 gallons per minute because:

5 gal / 0.5 min = 10 gal/min

Row length - Our Drip Tape can be used on a maximum row length of 100 ft. at 12 psi. We don't recommend using on rows longer than 100 feet. If rows are too long, water will not be equally distributed throughout the Drip Tape along the row.

Row number - With a flow rate of 5 gallons per minute, our Drip Tape can support 1,250 feet of Drip Tape. That's the equivalent of 30 rows that are 40 feet long. To calculate how much Drip Tape your system can support, first calculate your flow rate based on the example above. Then divide your flow rate by 5 and multiply that number times 1,250 ft. For example, if your flow rate is 8 gallons per minute, the maximum length of tape your system can support is 2,000 ft. because:

(8 gal/min) / (5 gal/min) x 1,250 ft. = 2,000 ft.

Download the Drip Tape Calculator over at Hoss University! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Faye Clark
Great product, missing hole punch.

Missing hole punch!

Hey Faye! Reach out to Support@growhoss.com and our customer support team can help resolve this issue!

Dan Walton
Drip Irrigation Kit

Well as expected, Hoss has the right stuff to get the job done.
We have purchased multiple products from these folks and never have been disappointed.
It is nice to have a supplier you can count on.

Josh Hannah

I bought this 15 mil kit and pack of 20 additional row start cutoff valves and this is definitely a garden game changer. This stuff is the best. Love it.

Clint Wink
Drip Tape Kit Review

I installed this product a couple of weeks ago and it's up and going great would definitely order this again when the need arises. Great product Highly Recommended!

Michael LaTour
Love this product!

A few things that plague new and emerging gardeners are the subjects of plant spacing (and seed placement) as well as pest, weed, and disease pressures, and insufficient time / too much time spent watering. Drip irrigation is a game changer and goes a long way towards solving the beforementioned problems. Instead of guessing your plant spacing as you would without irrigation, with drip irrigation you know where to plant because the emitters are placed at 1 linear foot increments on the drip tape. Drip irrigation saves you an *enormous* amount of time watering your crops, and because you aren't overhead watering, you don't deal with nearly as many weeds or disease. The saved time gives you the opportunity to run a wheel hoe through your plot and cut down on weeds or focus on other aspects of gardening like pests. In addition to all of these benefits, you can also feed your crops through drip irrigation by using a fertilizer injector (also available through Hoss Tools). Hoss Tools changed our lives. It changed the way we do everything gardening related, and because of all our success, we've documented our process and inspired others to take up gardening to feed their families. I can't say enough good things about Hoss. If you have questions about how all of this works, I highly recommend going to YouTube and researching Hoss Tools How to Install Drip Irrigation. Watch enough of the videos and you will know exactly how to do to it. It's worth every penny. We're going into year 3 of drip irrigation with Hoss. Just ordered some more tubing. Thanks Hoss.