12 PSI Pressure Regulator
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12 PSI Pressure Regulator


Use the 12 PSI Pressure Regulator to reduce and control the pressure of water entering your drip irrigation system. For use downstream of all shut-off values on any water system that has a flow range between 0.1 – 8 gallons per minute.


This 12 PSI Pressure Regulator is a necessary component of any drip tape irrigation system. In order to use drip tape to water your vegetable garden, you must decrease the pressure from your water source so that the the low pressure drip tape can handle the water supply being delivered to it. Install the pressure regulator directly downstream from the filter on your drip irrigation system.

12 PSI Pressure Regulator Features

Our 12 PSI Pressure Regulator will work on any water system that has a flow range of 0.1 - 8 gallons per minute. To calculate your flow range, simply record the time (in minutes) that it takes to fill a 5 gallon bucket with water. Then divide the time by 5 to obtain your gallon per minute rate.

Always install the pressure regulator downstream of all shut-off valves in your irrigation system.