ProCut Sunflowers- The Best Way to Keep Bees in your Garden!
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ProCut Sunflowers- The Best Way to Keep Bees in your Garden!

ProCut Sunflowers- Not just Easy on the Eyes!

Squash, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, those are all things that come to our mind when someone says they are starting a garden, but where are the ProCut Sunflowers?? Sunflowers, especially the ProCut variety, are a beneficiary to any garden by attracting pollinators. Not only do they draw the pollinators, but they will also add beneficial insects, which will reduce the harmful pest pressure to the rest of the crops. ProCut sunflowers are the preferred sunflower variety for the cut flower industry. These sunflowers also make beautiful additions to any cut flower bouquet. Growing six to seven feet tall, this single, smaller stem with a big head makes for a perfect vase. They are also pollen-less, meaning that once you take it inside, it's not going to drip pollen anywhere. One tip many flower growers don't know is your flowers are ready to go inside before you realize. To get the highest storage potential, harvest your blooms when they are still closed or slightly open. Once the flowers get cut and go in the water, they will stay big and bloomed for up to a week compared to the usual two or three days.

Grow the Best Sunflower for your Garden

ProCut Sunflowers can be direct-seeded or transplanted. If you decide to direct seed, it can get done quickly with our Hoss Garden Seeder, which is a walk-behind planter. Just make sure that you choose the right seed tray because, with some variety packs of seeds, the size may vary. Sunflowers also produce well by transplants. Using a seed starting tray, you can make sure they are taken care of and root properly before inserting in the ground. You will know your transplants are ready to go in the field when you can easily pull them from the tray, and they stay together. When planting ProCut Sunflowers, you will find they grow well in double rows with drip irrigation. To maximize your garden space and to get the most out of your drip tape, you can lay one row down and then plant on both sides. If you would like your sunflowers to grow with big heads and talk thick stalks, we suggest planting with plenty of room for them compared to if you are planting to attract the bees where you can put them closer together.  We offer many different ProCut varieties in several colors, including LemonOrangePlumRedWhite Nite, and Red Lemon Bicolor.

How-To Cut the Perfect Flower

A bouquet can range anywhere from $20-$100 dollars, or you can go out to the garden and make your own! For some of our men, you would be surprised and how much this plot can come in handy when you make your woman mad! Being able to go out in the yard and make her a pretty bouquet will make any woman smile, no matter how bad you messed up! So, about 60 days after you have gone in and planted your flowers, they are going to be ready for the most beautiful centerpiece. The perfect way to create a bouquet is to get a vase or a wide-mouthed mason jar. You then want to take your cabbage knife or a sharp kitchen knife and cut the blooms that look like they are about to open. Please fill up your vase with a beautiful arrangement of colors. You can do this by planting our flower mixes, which is a variety of different flower seeds. Once you have your bouquet, fill the vase up with water, and there you go!! For more flower and vegetable garden tips, check out the video below to learn on Gardening with Greg!