Planting an Outstanding Sweet Corn Variety
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Planting an Outstanding Sweet Corn Variety

Incredible Sweet Corn

The outstanding new sweet corn variety being planted in the garden is the Incredible Sweet Corn. This sugary enhanced variety has a higher sugar content than other standard varieties allowing it to have excellent flavor profiles. It contains a traditional yellow corn appearance with a great disease resistance package. Another benefit of this variety is it has an improved storage life than older heirloom varieties.

Planting a Sweet Corn Variety

When it comes to planting sweet corn there are three common mistakes that people making in the vegetable garden. The first mistake is planting sweet corn in long rows instead of square plots. It's important to plant corn in square plots to ensure you get the most wind pollination that will in return give you full ears of corn and the best harvest. The second mistake is not enough water during the growing season. Since sweet corn is heavy-feeders they need plenty of water throughout the entire growing process of the plant. We suggest planting corn on drip tape to provide plenty of irrigation directly to the plant roots where they need it most along the row. The third mistake is corn also needs plenty of fertilizer especially nitrogen. By applying the fertilizer using the drip system and fertilizer injector we can use 20-20-20 or Chilean Nitrate to help incorporate the needed nutrients into the soil. You can also side-dress the Chilean Nitrate or some good compost along beside the plants and incorporate it in that way as well. Travis is planting the sweet corn on three-foot row spacing to allow room as the plants continue to grow. After preparing the garden area, he is going to use the Garden Seeder to help plant the seeds along the row. Before planting with the seeder, he first has to make sure the seed plate is calibrated correctly for the sweet corn variety being planted. This means the holes on the seed plate needs to be the correct size for planting the seeds. Next, we test the seed plate in the garden seeder to ensure they are flowing perfectly through the seeder and into the soil. Once the seed plate is perfect, then it's time to set the desired planting depth. Once everything is calibrated correctly it is time to plant the Incredible sweet corn variety in the vegetable garden.

Harvesting Sweet Corn

The best time to harvest sweet corn is once the tassels begin to turn brown and the cobs are fully matured. To harvest simply hold the ear firmly, pull down, and twist. When storing corn the best way is in the refrigerator, where it keeps for up to a week. If you prefer to store corn for a longer period, you can place it in the freezer.