New Seeds from Hoss Tools to Help the at Home Gardener
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New Seeds from Hoss Tools to Help the at Home Gardener

Something New in 2019- SEEDS

As we are continuing to expand here at Hoss Tools, we want to meet the everyday needs of our customers. That has to lead us to the decision to start selling new seeds! We have been trying to answer the question of what can we offer that others cannot? After much research and deliberation, Hoss Tools came to the idea of providing our customers with the full package. We are excited to offer not only the tools to help our customer's gardens grow but now the crop itself. We are truly living out our purpose of helping everyone grow their food. At our warehouse in Norman Park, Georgia, we have added a seed facility to help us meet this new demand. The facility is climate and humidity-controlled. The seed room will help us hold on to the germination of them as well as keep their shelf life as long as possible. We are keeping the climate at 60 degrees and the humidity at 40% so that pests and insects can't grow on our product. This controlled room also helps us keep our seeds dry, which again helps increase the shelf life. We are different from the many competitors that are keeping seeds outdoors or just in a basement, which decreases the vitality of the plant. With all our products, we want to give you the best opportunity once it is in your hands, and that is no different with our new seeds.

Why Hoss Tools?

As we decided to venture down this new product line, we knew we wanted to put the best out there. We have decided to focus on giving our gardeners many unique hybrid seeds that will help you produce the most crop. Many farmers have access to these seeds, but they are very hard to find for small scale market farmers and others. We want to be a place that you can get seed to grow any crop you'd like, even the ones that you can't find on just any shelf. Some of those include,

All of these hybrids, along with many others we will be offering, offer high disease and pest resistance and will help flourish your garden. One other big thing Hoss Tools wants to focus on to give you the best product is its packaging. On every seed packet, there will be a picture of the crop, the number of seeds, and the germination rate. It is vital to have all of this on the packet, so the customer knows what they are buying. We are also offering packaging in many sizes, and if there isn't a size on the website that fits your needs, all you have to do is call, and we will pack to order. Same-day shipping will be offered with our seeds so that every person who orders seed on our website will have it in their hands and gardens as soon as possible. Hoss Tools is continuing to grow and will continue to expand the seeds we will be offering. We always want to put our gardeners first. We do this by making sure our products fit your needs so that every person has the opportunity to grow their food. You can check out all of the products and seeds we have to offer in our Hoss Tools 2019 Catalog. Also, click on the video below to get an inside look in our seed room and to see the products that are live on the site!!