Harvesting Fruits and Vegetables in the Garden
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Harvesting Fruits and Vegetables in the Garden

The Best Harvesting Tool Around

The Over The Shoulder Harvesting Bucket is by the far the best tool to use when harvesting fruits and vegetables around the homestead. It allows you to easily cut crops with one hand then harvest with the other hand. The harvesting bucket contains adjustable straps that won't cut into your skin and a padded area on the back for extra comfort. Another benefit of using this harvesting bucket is it has an 18-quart capacity and a kidney-shaped bucket to comfortably fit against your body. Overall, the best harvesting tool for picking crops such as okra, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, apples, etc., is the Over The Shoulder Harvesting Bucket.

Other Harvesting Tools

The garden hod is a multifunctional harvesting bucket that makes harvesting fruits and vegetables quick and it allows you rinse them off all in one container. The heavy-duty mesh wire with weather-resistant wood will last for multiple harvestings in the vegetable garden. A popular harvesting container is our Tubtrugs that come in various sizes such as the Mini Shallow, Small, Small Shallow, Medium, Large Shallow, and the Colander. These Tubtrugs are virtually indestructible containers that are UV-resistant and lightweight making it easier to carry around the homestead. Another handy tool to have when harvesting vegetables in the garden area is our Handy Twine Knife. The twine knife contains a blade on a ring that is supposed to be worn on your finger. It can fit either below or above the knuckle of your finger and is only sharp on the inside making it safe to use and carry. This allows you to quickly harvest trellising tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, cut flowers, and other vegetables. Some must have harvesting knives such as the Cabbage knife, California knife, and Asparagus knife. A great combo that includes the cabbage knife and the California knife is the Garden Knife Combo that also includes a Farmers File.