Row by Row Episode 233: Tips and Tricks For Growing Potatoes
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Row by Row Episode 233: Tips and Tricks For Growing Potatoes

Row by Row Episode 233: Tips and Tricks For Growing Potatoes

Spring Potato Planting

Potato Types

7 Types of Potatoes:

  • Russet
  • Red
  • White
  • yellow
  • Blue/Purple
  • Fingerlin
  • Petite

    Early, Midseason, Late Season Potatoes:

    Early Season Potatoes will get to full maturity usually in than 90 days or less. Midseason Potato Varieties will take 100+ days to mature. Late Season Potatoes need 110 days or more to reach full maturity. 

    Determinate and Indeterminate Potatoes: 

    The difference between the two types is that indeterminate potatoes tend to grow upward and have multiple layers as the plant grows and more soil gets added around the plant. Indeterminate varieties are better suited for those who are choosing to grow your potatoes in containers.

    Schedule by Zone

    Soil temperature and maturation timing is extremely important in growing your potatoes. Ideally, you want to get your seeds in the ground 2-4 weeks before the last frost in Spring. 

    Zone 10 January 15 – 31
    Zone 9 February 1 – 15
    Zone 8 February 15 – 28
    Zone 7 March 1 – 15
    Zone 6 March 15 – 31
    Zone 5 April  1 – 30
    Zone 4 April 15 – May 15
    Zone 3 May


    Growing Potatoes in Containers:

    Potatoes are very well suited to grow in containers and make an excellent choice for small space gardens. While the process of growing potatoes in containers is similar to that of in-ground or raised bed planting, there are some differences in the process.

    Depending on the size of your container, fill it with 4-6 inches of prepared soil and place it in full sun. Your seed potatoes need a good bit of room to grow so be sure and get the correct plant spacing. For example, our 15 gallon root pouch can comfortably grow 4 potato plants and give the root structure plenty of room for a big harvest.

    The same way that in-ground and raised bed planting requires hilling, container planted potatoes require the same treatment, called layering. As the plant grows, you will continually add soil to the top of the plant to cover the new stems at the bottom until the container is full of soil. 

    Check out our growing guide for more detailed information.

    Our Potato Varieties:

    Irish Cobbler Potato- Irish Cobbler Potato is an heirloom variety introduced in the 1870s. Great for mashed potatoes and potato soups! Brick-shaped potatoes with deep eyes. Determinate. Early season maturity, 80 days.

    Red Norland Potato- Red Norland Potato is a “new potato” variety that has been selected for darker skin color and excellent storage. Great for boiling and roasting. Resistant to scab and late blight. Solanum tuberosum. Determinate. Early season, 85 days.

    Kennebec White Potato- Kennebec White Potato is the gold standard for frying potatoes. Dark brown skin with ivory white interior. High starch content makes for great storage. A great all-around potato! Solanum tuberosum. Determinate. Mid season maturity, 90 days.

    Yukon Gold Potato- Yukon Gold Potato is one of the most popular and versatile potato varieties. Medium to large-sized potatoes with tan skin and buttery-yellow flesh. Solanum tuberosum. Determinate. Mid season maturity, 100 days.

    German Butterball Potato- German Butterball Potato is a medium to large russet-style potato with a buttery-yellow flesh. One of the best-tasting varieties you can grow. Excellent storage. Solanum tuberosum. Indeterminate. Late-season variety, 110-135 days.

    Viking Potato- Viking Potato has a beautiful, mottled-red exterior with a creamy white interior. Compact plants produce loads of 2 lb potatoes that store very well. Solanum tuberosum. Determinate. Early season maturity, 90 days.

    French Fingerling Potato- French Fingerling Potato is one of the best-tasting potatoes you’ll ever have. Elongated potatoes have red skin with a buttery-yellow inside that’s scattered with red flecks. Solanum tuberosum. Indeterminate. Mid to late season maturity, 100 days.

    Austrian Crescent Potato- Austrian Crescent Potato is a large fingerling potato with a golden-yellow flesh that’s buttery and delicious. Potatoes may reach up to 10″ in length at full maturity. Solanum tuberosum. Indeterminate. Mid to late season, 90 days.

    Purple Majesty Potato- Purple Majesty Potato couples beauty with exceptional flavor and texture. Widely-considered the best-tasting purple potato variety. High in antioxidants and great for you! Determinate. Early season maturity, 85 days.

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