Row by Row Episode 215: A New Way Of Gardening!
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Row by Row Episode 215: A New Way Of Gardening!

Row by Row Episode 215: A New Way Of Gardening!

Let's talk about Controlled Environment Agriculture and how it's shaping the future! So, why is CEA becoming so popular? What are the benefits of CEA? Our special guest, Tracy from Sakata Seeds joins us to discuss some insights on the topic of the indoor growing model. And we will also be doing a rapid-fire chat about which fall seeds you should be growing! It's a growing trend! It's a new way of gardening!

A New Way Of Gardening - Controlled Environment Agriculture

What is CEA? Simply put, it is bringing traditional field agriculture indoors and so, you are controlling as many of the elements as you can when you are growing indoors. More and more fruits and vegetables are being grown indoors, some examples are tomatoes (mainly cherry and grape tomato varieties), cucumbers, strawberries, etc. In a controlled environment, you can grow all year long! CEA productions help to increase plant productivity and expand growing areas. Some methods may not be easy for the home gardener, but they are definitely worth a try! Like, as hydroponics, aeroponics, and aquaponics. Types of structures can include greenhouses, high tunnels and hoop houses, container farms, in-home systems, and CEA Vertical farms.

Benefits of CEA

There are many benefits to growing in a controlled environment, especially for large growers. Of course, the key reason for starting more controlled greenhouses is more local produce, reduced transportation costs, and more traceability of where your vegetables come from. Food safety is a huge benefit, many of the larger controlled greenhouses are considered "no touch". In an enclosed facility, such as a hydroponic greenhouse or an artificially lighted vertical farm, growers can precisely control lighting, temperature, humidity, CO2, water, and nutrients.

  • lower inputs and high yields
  • expand grow areas
  • precise harvest timing
  • crop reliability
  • high-value crops

Fall Seed Varieties

Product of the Week

Strawberry Plugs

Elephant Garlic

German White Garlic

Onion Plants

Watch the Complete Show on YouTube Below:

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