Row by Row Episode 180: Why You Should Plant A Winter Garden
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Row by Row Episode 180: Why You Should Plant A Winter Garden

Row by Row Episode 180: Why You Should Plant A Winter Garden

Want to expand your garden all throughout the year? We know having a garden in the spring and summer months is very popular but you can have a bountiful harvest in the fall & winter months too.

Growing A Winter Garden

We know the most popular garden to grow is in the spring and summer months but you can have a bountiful harvest in the winter as well, especially if you are in the warmer, southern states. Here is a list of some of our favorites from our winter garden!


Caribbean Queen Cabbage is a hybrid, tropical-style cabbage with a massive, flattened head. Easier to slice and process. Great for making wraps, slaw, soups, sauerkraut and more!  80 days to maturity.


Graffiti Cauliflower is a hybrid variety that produces stunning, bright purple heads that are medium to large-sized. Performs well even in humid conditions. 80 days to maturity. Flame Star Cauliflower is a hybrid variety that produces beautiful, pastel orange heads with great flavor. Plants have high tolerance to heat and stress. 55 days to maturity. Twister Cauliflower is a hybrid with large, dense heads and outstanding wrapping ability. Outer leaves “twist” and protect the head for beautiful, uniform harvests of bright white heads.  75 days to maturity.


Lacinato Kale  is an Italian heirloom that is one of the most productive crops you can grow. Produces delicious, long, and slender leaves year-round. 65 days to maturity.


Chantenay Royal is an heirloom, open-pollinated variety that works great in heavy or clay soils. This chantenay-type produces uniform carrots that are 4-5″ long with wide diameter. 75 days to maturity. Gold Nugget is a hybrid yellow variety with broad shoulders, blunt ends and little tapering from top to bottom. Strong, vigorous tops make it easy to harvest by hand. Great flavor and uniformity. 75 days to maturity.


Touchstone Gold Beet is the preferred variety of golden beet. Orange to gold skin with bright yellow flesh on the inside. Great flavor and retains color when cooked. 55 days to maturity. 


FanTail Spinach is an extremely heat-tolerant spinach variety that is exceptionally resistant to downy mildew. Upright growing habit for easy and clean harvesting. Great for baby leaf or full leaf production. 45 days to maturity.


All Top Turnips is the perfect variety for those who want to grow heavy-yields of delicious turnip greens. No turnip roots here — just thick, large leaves that can be cut multiple times. 50 days to maturity.


Savannah Mustard is the fastest-growing and most tender mustard green we’ve found. Early-maturity. Grow as baby greens or harvest at full size. Cut-and-come again type crop.  20 days to maturity.


Flash Collards is a hybrid collard variety with heavy yields and superior heat-tolerance. Slowest-to-bolt of any variety we offer. Vates-type collard that grows on upright stalks. 55 days to maturity.


Quickstar Kohlrabi is a fast-growing hybrid that maintains texture and flavor at larger bulb sizes. Pale green bulbs with slightly flattened appearance. 35 days to maturity.

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