Row by Row Episode 152: Where's Hoss Going??
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Row by Row Episode 152: Where's Hoss Going??

Row by Row Episode 152: Where's Hoss Going??

Our Beginnings

Greg and his business partner at the time launched Hoss Tools in 2009 with our signature product, the Single Wheel Hoe. When Greg was around 15 years old he enjoyed gardening at home and his mother bought him his first high-arc wheel hoe to use. He used the tool often but found he didn’t like the type because, as he says, the attachments were clunky and difficult to adjust. Later on, he found a Planet Jr wheel hoe online that he liked but the supply was very limited, making them difficult to find. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention and Greg decided to make his own wheel hoe from American parts in the USA. So the adventure began!

Newer Items

Since then Hoss has ventured out into other areas of farming and gardening to provide more quality products to you; from wheel hoes and irrigation products to the Hoss Garden Seeder, Premium Garden Seeds, and pest control.

The Hoss Garden Seeder is a USA-made product that is customizable to fit your exact needs. It has two wheels that are situated on the front and backside of the seed plate to ensure your seeds are deposited perfectly within your rows. Our innovative seed plate design makes planting easy and allows you to customize your planting to meet your exact needs!

We have 35 items in our irrigation options along with a few bundles that are available, such as Mainline Tubing, Mainline Tees, Valves for your Mainline Tubing, and 8 mil. and 15 mil DripTape, and everything else from a simple system to a complete irrigation array.

Under our Premium Garden Seeds tab, you will find 48 categories of flowers and veggies that are filled with many varieties of each. You’ll find almost anything you’re looking for from flowers, like our Chocolate Cherry Sunflower and Roselle Hibiscus, to herbs, like Thyme and Borage, and even our AAS winners, such as Red Burgundy Okra and Cinderella’s Carriage Pumpkin

We also have both organic and synthetic pest control options for you. If you’re looking to have a more organic farming plan we carry several options such as Diatomaceous Earth and Monterey Garden Insect Spray. On the other side, we carry more potent options such as Garden Phos and Fungi Max.

Coming Soon

We are excited to tell you about a couple of new things headed your way. First is a line of micro-greens and growing kits. As more and more people have shown an interest in growing their own micr-greens at home for salads, garnishes, and stir fry needs, we are bringing products to help you get started growing these nutrient-packed plants from your own home.

Worm Farming

We are going to look at what goes into worm farming and even using worms in the garden. We will look at the pros and cons of worm tea, which is one byproduct of using a raised worm composter, as well as looking at using worm castings, or worm excrement.

Greg plans to visit a local worm farm and talk with the owner of the operation to find out what she has to say about the benefits of using worms in the garden and also any downsides that worms may have.

More To Come

We have many wonderful things going on here for you and can’t wait to bring more as it becomes available. And as always, we will be testing all of these new items and retesting our current stock to ensure we offer you only the best.

Products of the Week

Hoss Straw Hat

Hoss Pepper Bandana

Serrano Pepper

Watch the Complete Show on YouTube Below:

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