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Row by Row Episode 66: New Seed Varieties for the Fall Garden

Row by Row Episode 66: New Seed Varieties for the Fall Garden

New Fall Garden Seed Varieties

Not only are these seed varieties great to grow in the Fall garden, but a lot of these new seed varieties are exclusive and can only be found here at Hoss Tools.


The first new seed variety that offers an excellent disease-resistant is Cheers cabbage. Cheers can produce large heads that can usually grow to an average size of 5 lbs. The next variety is the Rio Grande Red which has been studied by Louisiana State University as being the largest red cabbage producer. Then, the Charleston Wakefield is the best-storing cabbage that produces conical heads in the vegetable garden. While the Savoy King provides crinkled-leaves and a crisp texture that makes this variety excellent for eating raw.


When it comes time to planting carrots we recommend direct seeding in October. Unlike the Purple Haze, the new Deep Purple variety has a purple color that is throughout the entire core of the carrot. The next new seed variety we offer is known as Viper. This exclusive variety produces long slender carrots that average around 12 to 14 inches long. Another seed variety that is not necessarily new but we now offer in a new pelleted form for planting in our garden seeder is the Yellowstone carrot variety. Then, we offer the Gold Nugget variety which is a Nantes type carrot meaning that it is blunter on the end as opposed to sharp like the imperator type carrots. Lastly, the Scarlet Nantes is another Nantes type variety that produces carrots that have little tapering from top to bottom and blunt ends.


The only new seed varieties of greens we offer is the Southern Giant Curled Mustard. Known as an All-American Selection winner, this variety produces large curled leaves that contain the traditional "mustard green" flavor profile. It is an heirloom variety that has been a staple crop in the South for many years.


Here in the South, leeks can be grown during the Fall, so we now offer two varieties of leeks to grow in the vegetable garden. The Matejko is a hybrid variety that is heat tolerant and rust tolerant, which is a disease that can sometimes be an issue with leeks. While the Tadorna leek is a cool weather variety of leek and can be transplanted in our seed starting trays in the early Fall as well.


A popular crop to grow in the garden is lettuce varieties. The first new lettuce variety the guys discuss is the pelleted Cherokee variety. The Cherokee variety is known to be the most heat tolerant red lettuce on the market. The next variety is Tehama which is another pelleted variety that is heat tolerant and slow for bolting. Then, we have the Coastal Star romaine variety that produces dark green leaves and full-size heads of crisp lettuce. The last lettuce variety is the Baby Leaf Lettuce Mix. This variety should be planted densely in a garden area and can be harvested several times throughout the growing season.


The most popular onion variety to grow in the vegetable garden is the Candy onion. The Candy Onion is an intermediate-day variety that grows well in many regions except for the far north and deep south areas of the country. The next onion variety that we recommend growing in the Fall garden is the Savannah Sweet Onions. The Savannah Sweet is a short-day onion that produces a flattened, granex shape much like the popular Vidalia type onions. Another short-day onion that is similar to the Vidalia onions is the Sweet Harvest variety. However, it produces jumbo to large bulbs, unlike the Savannah Sweet. Lastly, the Natsuguro Bunching variety is a spring onion that is excellent for harvesting several at a time in the vegetable garden.

Radishes, Rutabaga, & Turnip Seed Varieties

The Easter Egg Radishes are a colorful mix of red, white, and purple radishes to grow in the Fall garden. Another new exciting seed variety that we offer is the Laurentian Rutabaga. This variety has a nice sweet flavor profile that works great in soups and stews. Then, the All Top Turnip is another heavy producer of greens and will continue to have maximum production all throughout the growing season in the vegetable garden.

Show and Tell Segment

On the show and tell segment, Greg has just finished planting his flowers for this growing season. He is also getting his fall garden ready for the upcoming growing season. In the next couple of weeks, Greg plans to go full force with growing transplants in the greenhouse and getting everything ready before the first of October.

Viewer Questions Segment

On the question and answer segment this week, the guys answer questions GMO cabbage seeds and when to plant onion seeds for November planting. Travis mentions that there is no such thing as GMO cabbage. The only GMO vegetable crops that gardeners have to worry existing is corn, sugar beet, squash, potato, and eggplant. Greg explains that when planting onion seeds for November planting he recommends planting six weeks prior. For example, if you want to plant during the first of November, you should go back six weeks which would be the 15th of September.

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