Row by Row Episode 21: The Best Wheel Hoe Attachments for Your Garden
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Row by Row Episode 21: The Best Wheel Hoe Attachments for Your Garden

Row by Row Episode 21: The Best Wheel Hoe Attachments for Your Garden

The Difference in Wheel Hoe Attachments

On this week’s episode, the guys discuss the wide variety of attachments that are available for the Hoss Wheel Hoe. They go through each attachment and help to explain which are the best wheel hoe attachments for each particular garden or situation. They talk about the new Winged Sweep attachment that just became available and how it has more "bite" than the cultivator teeth. This additional bite or angle of cultivation will be helpful to those with harder, clay soils or those with heavy weed pressure. They also differentiate between the standard Sweeps and the Oscillating Hoe attachments. They mention that the Sweeps are for lighter jobs, while the Oscillating Hoes are some of the best wheel hoe attachments for heavier applications. We offer 3 different sizes of the oscillating hoes -- 6, 8, and 12 inches wide. The guys are also in the process of designing a handheld oscillating hoe that will be released soon. The Spreader Bar is a tool that extends the length for adding more attachments or offsetting your work path. They discuss the usefulness of the Disk Harrow attachment for light duty cultivation in softer soils. The last attachment they talk about is the Drip Tape Layer attachment that fits on the Double Wheel Hoe which makes it quick and easy to lay drip tape by yourself in the garden.

Show and Tell Segment

On the show and tell segment this week, the guys talk about the variety of collards that they are growing this fall. Travis has Tiger Collard variety of transplants that are very similar to the Top Bunch variety that was so popular for many years. However, due to crop failure, the Top Bunch variety is no longer available. Travis also has Lacinato kale and Red Russian kale that are ready to move into the vegetable garden. They also provide an update on the demonstration garden at the Hoss Tools Sustainable Living Center for the Sunbelt Ag Expo and mention that they will be planting some mixed greens and cover crops there in the next few days. The pest pressure has decreased drastically in the last couple of weeks which is great for the vegetable garden. The tool of the week is Spinosad which is an organic control that helps with pest problems in the garden such as worms, thrips, and caterpillars. It has two different modes of action it can kill on contact or kill by ingestion within 48 hours of applying to the plant.

Viewer Questions Segment

On the question and answer segment, the guys answer a question about well water vs. tap water and using drip tape on onions. Greg mentions that tap water, or "city water", can affect the pH of your garden soil over time. He believes the chlorine concentrations are low enough to not have a significant effect, but that the pH should be monitored if one is using municipal water on their vegetable garden. Greg says it is important to know what level of pH is in your water because it has an effect on your soils. He recommends taking a sample of your water to a local pool store and asking them to run a pH test on it. They guys are currently waiting for their onion stalks to come from Dixondale, but as soon as they receive them they will be planting onions. Travis explains that his system for planting onions has been extremely effective year after year. He recommends planting onions on drip tape, with two rows of onions per one line of drip tape.

Tool of the Week

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