Row by Row Episode 133: Answering Our Row by Row Viewer Questions
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Row by Row Episode 133: Answering Our Row by Row Viewer Questions

Row by Row Episode 133: Answering Our Row by Row Viewer Questions

Rapid Viewer Questions & Answers

This week the guys did a rapid Q & A session to answer some viewer questions from the previous Row by Row shows. The first question is wondering which attachments are better the sweeps or oscillating hoe. The oscillating hoes are tougher and work best in hard soils or thick crabgrass weeds. However, the sweeps are a lot more versatile but there are not as strong as the oscillating hoe. The next question is asking what it means when we talk about plants and mention "come off". When talking about coming off we use it as a verb and it means that the plants are growing off or reached their maturity and ready to be planted in the ground. Another question we get a lot from viewers is whether we make our own compost pile for the vegetable garden. We do have a compost pile on our homestead but making your own compost is very complex. Greg has made his own compost in the past, while Travis usually buys his compost from a gin nearby. The next viewer question is wondering if we use 20-20-20 for seed starting and if so how often. Our schedule for using 20-20-20 in the seed starting trays is to use this fertilizer when the plants get their second set of leaves also known as true leaves. We suggest mixing one tablespoon of 20-20-20 per gallon of water and do it at least two times a week. When growing hybrid tomatoes you can save the seeds, however, they more than likely won't be true to variety because of the bred hybrid genetics. The last viewer question is wondering about our pruning, spraying, and fertilizing schedule for fruit trees. Greg mentions that for fruit trees we typically prune in the late afternoon. We suggest spraying dormant oil on the fruit trees to help break down that pest cycle and prepare your trees for Spring.

Show and Tell Segment

On the show and tell segment this week, a viewer named Momma J sent a little care package to Greg and Travis which included a nice card, two scarves, and some homemade "Call the Fire Department" hot sauce. Travis harvested two cabbage varieties, Bobcat and Cheers Cabbage, which both are known for producing large heads of cabbage. He also has some freshly harvested carrots from the vegetable garden that are known to be some of the best producing varieties. These four different carrot varieties are Bolero, Yellowstone, Envy, and Purple Haze. Next week, the guys plan on doing a blind taste test on the show to see which carrot tastes the best out of those four varieties. A couple of new varieties have been added to the site and are now available. The first variety is the Camaro PMR Pumpkin which is a jack-o'-lantern type with improved powdery resistance. The second new variety is the Ambrosia Cantaloupe which is a popular backyard gardener variety and is also resistant to powdery mildew. The next new variety was requested by some viewers which is known as Armenian Striped Cucumber, it is an heirloom Persian-style cucumber that originated in Armenia. Then, we have a set of three new pepper varieties which are called Right to Red, Orange You Sweet, and Yes to Yellow pepper. The last new variety is Caveman's Club Gourd that is great for making dipping spoons or other crafts.

Product of the Week

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