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Spreader Bar Bonus


The Spreader Bar Bonus allows you to effectively weed both sides of the row in one pass. Attach to the Double Wheel Hoe and straddle the row of small plants, weeding both sides at one time.


The Spreader Bar Bonus includes our Spreader Bar extension and 6" Oscillating Hoes. Simply attach the Spreader Bar to the tool bar of the Hoss Double Wheel Hoe. Attach the 6" Oscillating Hoes on each side of the Spreader Bar. The space between the wheels on the Double Wheel Hoe allows you to straddle small plants (up to 6") and work both sides of the row in one pass.

Works great for weeding small corn, bean and pea plants to manage weeds before plants are mature enough to shade out further weed growth. It also works great for green crops like spinach that remain small and low to the ground. The Spreader Bar Bonus is made with 1/4" powder-coated steel and is 14 3/4" long. The 6" Oscillating Hoes have a sharpened, spring steel blade and a powder-coated steel frame.