Pickle Pebble Fermentation Weights
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Pickle Pebble Fermentation Weights


Pickle Pebble Fermentation Weights keep vegetables submerged under the brine while fermenting, preventing oxygen exposure and subsequent mold from developing in your fermenting jars. Available in wide-mouth and regular-mouth versions. 4 pack.


Fermented foods have numerous probiotic effects which increases the overall health of your immune and digestive systems. The Pickle Pebble Fermentation Weights ensure your fermented food stays submerged below the brine in the fermentation jar. Exposure to oxygen can cause fermented foods to develop mold which can spoil and ruin the fermentation process. By submerging the vegetables under the liquid brine, you ensure no mold develops during the process.

Pickle Pebbles are made with food-safe, non-porous glass -- the same material which is used to make canning jars. To use the fermentation weights, simply add your vegetables and brine into the canning jar, leaving 1.75" of head space. Then add the fermentation weight to completely submerge the vegetables. Be sure to remove any vegetables that may float to the top after adding the weight. Add your favorite airlock lid and you're good to go!

Pickle Pebble Fermentation Weight Details

  • 4 pack
  • Dimensions: 2.25" x 0.5"
  • Dishwasher safe