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Mainline Tee


Use the Mainline Tee to branch a line of 5/8″ Mainline Tubing into two sections. Easy to install with brown nuts that tighten onto mainline tubing to prevent any leaking and provide easy removal.


The Mainline Tee is used to create a branch from a section of 5/8" Mainline Tubing. This allows you to split one mainline section into two mainline sections. Works great for systems in which the pressure regulator and filter are in the center of the garden.

Mainline Tee Features

This mainline connector tee is easy to install and guaranteed to stay connected throughout the duration of use. Each connection end contains a brown tightening nut that ensures the drip irrigation mainline tubing will stay connected once installed. Simply slide the 5/8" Mainline Tubing onto the end of the fitting and twist the brown nut until tight..