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Mainline Flush Valve


The Mainline Flush Valve allows you to flush sections of mainline tubing to remove water and prevent algal growth between waterings. Includes a perma-loc fitting that won’t leak, but can be removed.


The Mainline Flush Valve allows you to easily flush 5/8" mainline tubing after watering. It connects on the end of any stretch of mainline tubing. It can be used with our Drip Tape Irrigation Kits in place of the Figure 8 End Clamp. The valve is primarily useful with our Container Watering Kit and our Fruit Tree Watering Kit.

The Mainline Flush Valve will allow you to remove all remaining water from the mainline tubing after a watering cycle. This will help to reduce any algal or fungal growth that could inhibit water flow in the future. It will also prevent any possible tubing bursting as a result of freezing temperatures.

To use, simply turn off the irrigation system and turn on the flush valve. Once the mainline tubing has been flushed, the valve may be turned off. Make sure the valve is shut when you begin to use the drip system on the next watering cycle.

Mainline Flush Valve Features

Includes a Perma-Loc fitting which ensures no leakage at the connection of the fitting and the 5/8" mainline tubing. To install, turn the nut so that it is backed all the way onto the fitting. Push the 5/8" mainline tubing onto the barb as far as you can. Then twist the nut to tighten onto the tubing. To remove the fitting, simply loosen the nut and pull the tubing from the fitting.