Indoor Seed Starting Light Kit
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Indoor Seed Starting Light Kit


Our Indoor Seed Starting Light Kit makes it easy to grow vegetable, flower, microgreens, and herb transplants in your home. Includes four 12 cell trays, LED lights (50,000 hours) with adjustable height, and a water reservoir with wicking mat for maintenance-free growing.


Our Indoor Seed Starting Light Kit allows you to grow your own vegetable transplants indoors. Each kit contains four 12 Cell Seed Starting Trays so that you can grow 48 transplants at a time. This kit can be used to grow any vegetable, herb, or flower transplant.

The LED lights provide clean, white light that doesn't get hot and burn the foliage on your plants. The adjustable light canopy allows you to easily raise the lights as transplants grow. This will prevent transplants from becoming leggy because they're not reaching far above for the light source.

This kit provides a maintenance-free solution to growing your own transplants indoors. The base of the kit serves as a water reservoir for continuous watering so that plants are never stressed. The capillary/wicking mat sits on an elevated platform inside the base and supplies plants with just the right amount of water. Just fill the water reservoir base occasionally and it's that easy!

In addition to growing transplants, the Indoor Seed Starting Kit can be used to grow fresh veggies in your home or office. Remove the 12 cell inserts and densely plant lettuce or greens in the base trays. These plants can be cut and harvested multiple times for a continuous food source inside your home.

Indoor Seed Starting Light Kit Includes:

  • Two 18" 6400K 18W LED grow lights with ballasts (50,000 hour life)
  • T-power cord, connecting the two lights, with on/off switch
  • NanoTech T5 reflectors for maximizing light output
  • Adjustable light canopy up to 18" above plants
  • Heavy duty base that serves as the water reservoir
  • Capillary mat for watering via wicking
  • Raised platform to support capillary mat
  • Four seeding trays with four 12-cell inserts with holes

Growing Instructions:

  • Fill the trays with seed starting mix and wet the soil so that the entire tray is moist.
  • Using your finger, make a small impression in each cell. The impression should be twice as deep as the diameter of the seed you'll be planting.
  • Place 1-2 Seeds in each impression and cover with more seed starting mix or perlite.
  • After seeding, gently water over 1-2x a day with a watering can or spray bottle. Continue to do this until Seeds sprout and produce roots that extend to the bottom of the tray.
  • Once Seeds sprout, thin seedlings to one per cell.
  • Once Seeds germinate, turn on the lights and lower the light canopy so that it sits a few inches above the plants. As the plants grow, raise the light canopy so that it sits a few inches above the plant vegetation. Maintain a daily light schedule similar to your outdoor conditions. Turn on the lights in the morning and turn off the lights in the evening.
  • Once roots are established, you can use the reservoir tray and wicking mat to "bottom-water" the trays. Wet the wicking mat and place it between the platform and trays, black side up. Keep the water reservoir full so that the wicking mat can draw water from it. The plant roots will obtain as much water as they need, which will prevent overwatering.

Indoor Seed Starting Light Kit Specifications:

  • Total footprint: 26.5" long x 15.75" wide x 18" tall
  • Individual tray size: 14.75" long x 5.5" wide x 2.5" tall
  • Kit frame and trays made in England
  • LED lights made in China

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Why Did I Wait So Long....

I purchased The Seed Starting Light Kit for last season. I had my Best Garden in years. I Started my Tomato Seeds early and they Grew Very Fast. Well worth the money.

5 out of 5

This Seed Starter Light kit worked so well, I ordered two more!