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Garden Spade


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This Garden Spade is the “King of Spades.” Use it in your garden or landscape for digging, turning soil or uprooting plants. It’s MADE IN THE USA with a heat-treated blade and a 5 year warranty on the handle.


Our Garden Spade has a sharpened, heat-treated blade for superior strength that will cut into the hardest soils and cut through the thickest roots. Use it in the garden for breaking ground or incorporating compost before planting. Use it in your landscape for planting, cutting roots or removing existing plants. It’s built to last with a long, tapered cutting edge that resists dents and nicks when using it in tough conditions.

The comfortable D-shaped handle provides an excellent grip for maximal digging strength when pushing into the earth. The handle and shaft are made of aircraft-quality tubing that’s lightweight yet extremely tough. That’s why each Garden Spade includes a five year warranty against any handle breakage.

Our Garden Spade is unique in that it includes an interchangeable (left or right) foot pad that provides a large, comfortable surface for pushing the tool into the soil with your dominant foot. The foot pad along with the remarkable weight balance allows for maximal digging capabilities with minimal effort. The foot pad is made of a hard rubber compound and can be easily changed to the left or right side by loosening and fastening two bolts and lock nuts.

- Overall length: 40:
- Blade length: 13"
- Weight: 6.1 lbs

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