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Wheel Hoe Adjustments To Fit Your Needs!

Wheel Hoe Adjustments on the Handles

On this week's episode, Travis explains the different wheel hoe handles and styles. Depending on your desired height all of the Wheel Hoes contain a 15-inch steel wheel with Amish-crafted handles that are adjustable to any height. On every wheel hoe handle frame, there is an adjustable top bolt that is slotted to give you a range to move the handles to your desired height. To adjust the handle you simply take a 7/16" wrench or socket and loosen the nut on the top bolt. This will allow you to move the handles in the groove to your preferred height. If your height is in the lower 5-foot range, you might want to consider our Junior Wheel Hoe which is the same as other wheel hoes just shorter handles. With the Junior Wheel Hoe we simply just cut off 10-inches off the bottom of the handles. This allows you to adjust the handles just a lot lower than the standard wheel hoe handles. Where you have the handles positioned to your body is all personal preference. Travis likes to use his upper body to push the wheel hoe more so he has it adjusted to right about his belt line. If you prefer to use more of your lower body such as your legs to push the wheel hoe you may want to adjust it lower. The desired handle height will also depend on the certain attachment you are using on the Wheel Hoe. For example, when using the cultivator teeth attachment to just scratch the surface the wheel hoe toolbar will be higher off the ground. While the plow set attachment is used for digging deep in the soil the wheel hoe toolbar will be lower and almost level with the soil. Travis recommends not setting the handles while on a flat surface so go ahead and put the wheel hoe in the garden area so you can adjust the handles based on the levels of the attachments that you are planning on using. These wheel hoe adjustments are simple to make in order for you to effectively get the most out of your Wheel Hoe.

Wheel Hoe Handle Styles

Another advantage of our wheel hoe adjustments we offer to fit your needs is two different styles of handles for the wheel hoe such as the steam bent handles or the pistol grip handles. With the steam beat handles you wrap your hands around the handle. This style contains a curved end towards the end of the handle that allows you to easily grip and squeeze while going down the garden row. While the pistol grip handles fit more into the palm of your hand. They have a "fat" end to the handle that makes pushing the wheel hoe with the palm of your hands easier. The steam bent handles work better when using a traditional shuffling motion going down the row in the garden.  However, the pistol grip handles work better when using the plows only because you are just pushing in one direction. Both of these handles are Amish-crafted and made out of hardwood ash that will last forever.